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Are you looking for the simplest instructions for the McAfee uninstall process? Well, that depends on the type of device you are using. Did not get it? Let McAfee products from Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices. For the last two, you download and install McAfee mobile application; therefore, you can uninstall it any other regular application. To be more precise, tap and hold the McAfee antivirus icon on your mobile phone and select McAfee uninstall . In some of the devices, you have to go to the Settings, choose Applications, find the Uninstall option. 

For uninstalling McAfee from a Windows PC, go to the Control Panel and then open Programs or All Programs. From the list, right-click on the McAfee, and choose Uninstall. In case of a Mac, open the Dock, locate and access the Application folder, uninstall the McAfee software available on the list. Enter your admin password and click Ok to finish the process. For further information, call uninstall McAfee support number. 

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